Vegetarian & Gluten Free

in addition to our regular menu, we specialise in catering for specific diets, offering a range of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options and are proud to be the one of a few cafés in belfast providing these alternatives.

we can provide a delicious selection of dishes, suitable for most dietary requirements and can cater to your individual requirements. we can offer a completely unique service, if you would like to discuss your outside catering with us please contact gillian on 02890473725 or emai


sarnies (wraps, granary, white)

sun-dried tomato roll, ciabatta, bagels + glutenfree bread

no. 2 feta, roasted veggies, sun-blush tomatoes, spinach + pesto mayo

no. 6 falafel, humous, leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion

+ sweet chilli

no. 10 roasted veggies, falafel, sun-blush tomatoes, leaves, pesto + yoghurt dressing



veggie pate

veggie sushi

gluten free

Sarnies (gluten free)

no. 1 chicken, avocado, leaves + lime chilli mayo

no. 2 feta, roasted veggies, sun-blush tomatoes, spinach + pesto mayo

no. 3 chicken, roast beef or salmon, sun-blush tomatoes, spinach + wasabi mayo

no. 4 smoked salmon, salad, cream cheese + sweet chilli

no. 5 smoked chicken, spinach, cucumber, cream cheese + cranberry sauce

no. 7 balsamic tuna mix, tomatoes, cucumber, leaves + herb mayo

no. 8 ham, swiss cheese, leaves + mustard mayo

no. 9 smoked chicken, brie, leaves + chilli jam


salads gluten free croutons


Gluten Free Toasties

no. 1 ham, brie, avocado, red onion + chilli jam

no. 2 chicken, pineapple, cheese, tomato + mayo

no. 3 roast beef, swiss cheese, roasted veggies + mustard

no. 4 chicken, bacon + cheese

no. 5 brie, avocado, sun-blush tomatoes, red onion + chilli jam


tray bakes

bounty sq

lemon drizzle


all hot & cold drinks